Analogue: a watch that displays the time using hands

Tang buckle: classic catch for securing a strap, using a system identical to that of a belt

Antireflective: surface treatment for the crystal which allows light to be deflected to prevent glare

Strap bar: metal pin fitted with a spring used to secure the strap between the horns of the watch case

Watch case: the part of the watch that contains the movement; as a rule, the case is formed of the case middle, the bezel and the case back

Deployant buckle: hinged buckle for securing the strap, which prevents the watch being lost if it is accidentally undone

Calibre: this term refers to the watch's movement, its dimensions and its manufacturer


Chronograph: an instrument which allows the duration of an event to be measured

Crown: button used to set the time

Screw-down crown: special crown equipped with a screw mechanism which ensures increased safety and water resistance

Case back: screwed onto the case using threaded bolts

Crystal: watch glass made from sapphire crystal; its extreme hardness makes it highly resistant to scratches

Push-piece: mechanical component in addition to the crown, which activates specific functions. Two push-pieces are generally used on chronograph models

Gaskets: for the crystal, crown, push-pieces and case back, ensuring the watch's water resistance

Bezel: ring which is affixed to the case middle to attach the Crystal