Dial and hands

As a rule, the hands are standardised. However, in line with the luxury Swiss aesthetic, Marcel Bouvier has designed finely drawn, openworked hands.  These are practical, making the watch easier to read, and lend it a sense of lightness.

The dial should express the nature and character of the watch, and its dual purpose as measuring instrument and cultural object. The care taken in its execution will bring your timepiece to life, giving it light and emotion.  To meet this challenge, Marcel Bouvier has chosen a dial which is complex to create.

The dial is available with a textured plate (either a barleycorn or lined pattern). The indices have been customised, reworked and adjusted, and fitted on a convex ring to provide volume and depth. To highlight them, the counters at 6 and 9 o'clock have their own rings, which are also set in relief. The end result is a vivid, highly attractive dial.