From the Latin "Manu facere", to be made by hand

Marcel Bouvier timepieces are manufactured by the best workshops in the Jura region.

To create a luxury watch, a huge array of expertise is needed.

Some operations can only be carried out by hand and tool, others require machines, but man's involvement in the design and manufacture process is always crucial.

Without betraying confidentiality, and in a spirit of transparency, we can give the locations of our various partners within Switzerland's watchmaking hub.

Conception, design and technical development are carried out in St-Ursanne.

The tools, stamping of case middles, bezels and the various case backs illustrated are carried out in Le Noirmont.

The watch cases and accessories are manufactured and assembled in Saignelégier.

The casing-up rings are machined in Vicques.

Finishing (polishing) of the cased-up watch and case backs, a veritable artistic endeavour, is carried out in St-Ursanne.

The customised data, dedicated to the future owner, is engraved by hand with a burr in Porrentruy.

The assembly and final inspection of watch is carried out in Le Noirmont and Glovelier.

At each step, the best craftsmen proudly devote their skills to ensure reliable functions,
boasting exceptional quality, in the finest "Swiss-made" tradition.