Marcel Bouvier has a policy of environmental and social responsibility, which respects the interests of both mankind and our universe.

Going against the current trend, Marcel Bouvier watches are designed for life. Therefore, we value the work of people who are invested in their own manufacturing processes, and take care of the resources required to create their pieces.


We strive to create harmonious working relations within our company, and with our partners.

We know it is a privilege to be born in Switzerland, so we want to help deprived children elsewhere in the world, to give them the chance of a better life.

Marcel Bouvier therefore works with the associations "Le petit cœur" and "Aurore Happy Home".


The "Le Petit Cœur" foundation was established by Professor René Prêtre, born in Boncourt in the Jura region of Switzerland. The foundation funds heart surgery and related treatments for children who live in countries which cannot offer the required level of medical care.



For the environment, we have chosen to support the "International Tropical Conservation Fund", The ITCF's goal is to help preserve tropical forests by setting up concrete projects in the tropics. It aims to support projects over the long term, to ensure their viability.